Best Way to Secure SBCGlobal Mail Account from Hackers

Hackers have a vested interest in gaining access to your email account. But, more crucially, it’s the unique identifier for many online account logins, which is why thieves continue to target it. If you are experiencing any suspicious activities on your email account, Contact the SBCGlobal Contact phone number for assistance.

Cybercriminals can access your online banking account. If that doesn’t work, they can send a large quantity of money to a bogus account and then cash it out. Perhaps they’ll start harassing your pals via email and social media to obtain more data. This would be bad for your reputation and might result in many unhappy connections.

 Ways to keep your computer from being hacked

Here are the Top ways to  secure a sbcGlobal email account from hackers

Check for 2FA support when signing up for a new email service.

Not all email providers support two-factor authentication. Check to see what levels of security are available when joining up with an email provider, such as 2FA through SMS (less secure) or app-based authentication, such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

Do not click on links in emails or messages that appear to be suspicious.

Instead, open a new browser and go to the company’s website or link in the email to examine if the information offered corresponds to the official source. Never open links or download attachments from unknown senders as a general rule. Emails from well-known senders that provide links or files with no context are likewise dangerous. This can also assist you in detecting one of the most well-known forms of phishing emails.

Protect your router and Wi-Fi network.

Identifying who and what is on your network, whether you are a home user or a small company owner, is more critical than ever, since unwanted users may be attempting to break into your system. Make sure your router’s admin password is changed, and your Wi-Fi password is extremely difficult for a hacker to guess.

Put a credit freeze on your account if you want to be safe.

Put a credit freeze on your account as a last option if your email has been compromised. It’s simple to set up, and it provides you with greater control over who may access your accounts. If someone wants access to your credit report while purchasing (such as a car), you may quickly switch the account back on and then reinstate the freeze.

Follow the simple guidelines above to avoid becoming a target. Taking these extra precautions may not prevent spam from your email, but they will help to keep hacking efforts out of your inbox. If you are experiencing any mail issues, call on SBCGlobal Technical Support Number for help.

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